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Denver ranks in top 20 for most expensive rentals

Ranking in the top twenty for most expensive rentals, we’ve seen one bedrooms starting at $1200 and sky rocketing to $1500. Its long since been time to trade in rising rental prices for a more sensible mortgage payment.

The thought of mortgage payments scares most people. They feel as if it’s a locked in contract, where as renting is less of a commitment. A mortgage payment is a commitment yes, but it doesn’t become the end all, be all as soon as you purchase a home.

What should scare people more is the math of it all, when purchasing home you aren’t dumping money into essentially, a black hole. There’s going to be a possible return on that home in the future, rentals suck up your income and leave nothing for you to benefit from come five years later. If that doesn’t sway you than the simple fact that you can save money when paying a mortgage compared to paying for a rental should do the trick. People are shocked during the pre-qualifying process, to learning that their mortgage payment has the possibility of being cheaper monthly than the payment on their rental.

Check out the article below, after reading, purchasing a home will be all that encompasses your mind; so give us a call.



Put your money into a permanent Denver residence. That mortgage payment is looking pretty beautiful to me.


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